Firsts posts are as awkward as first dates

I’m pretty sure the first time you do anything, ever, no matter what it is, it’s pretty awkward.  First time wearing heels?  Awkward.  First date?  Yep.  First time you try to leave the house with both children?  First text message?  First meal you ever cook?  1) I had to go back in the house twice, pull over to unflop my newborn’s head, and my toddler was crying before we even got in the door, 2) took me twenty minutes, and 3) I forgot to drain the grease and the whole thing kind of just slid down your throat in a very ungodly manner.  First day at your new job?  Let’s see – my first job’s first day involved conversations with the elderly about leg-shaving, my second job’s first day I locked my keys in my car, and my third job’s first day I showed up in a polo shirt and khakis to quickly discover that everyone else was in suits and pencil skirts and I looked like an intern.  Also, first blog posts?  I hate them.  I hate everyone’s first blog posts, usually.  It’s all “This is what this blog is going to be” and “Join me on this journey” and “I’m not really even sure what I’m talking about and only my mom and husband are reading this but let me address this to the world as if the whole world cares and then obsessively check for comments and blog traffic every half-hour” or maybe that’s just me.  Anyways, this is my first awkward post, and this blog is just me.

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