7 Quick Takes

Linking up with Grace at Camp Patton for today’s quick takes. =)

  1. Jeremy and I had a conversation yesterday that resulted in my most-liked-status-other-than-when-my-children-were-born so it must have been good.  Observe.
    Allie: If you don’t have plans for tonight while I’m watching my show, she’s needed a bath for about a month.
    Jeremy: Yeah.
    Allie: And after that I was thinking I would shave her.
    Jeremy: Shave her where?
    Allie: Everywhere!
    Jeremy: What does she have that needs shaving?
    Allie: We already said we were going to shave her.
    Jeremy: Why would you shave a baby?!
    Allie: THE DOG, Jeremy! I was talking about the dog!
  2. Yesterday I was being my usual productive self holding the baby in my lap, catching up on blogs on the arm of the couch to my left, drinking water from the cup sitting on the couch to my right, and simultaneously watching Malachi tear up the house from the corner of my eye when I got up to put Naomi down in her crib.  When I came back in the room Malachi was in my seat, typing ahlodfhljhgaouyweoahvljfahgl on my computer, and drinking my water.
  3. I strongly dislike when people use Facebook to promote their business all. the. flipping. time. because “That’s not what it’s for!” but seem to have no problem personally using it to promote the causes/petitions/news stories I think all the world should get behind/sign/read.  Is that hypocritical?
  4. Soooo… we just found out the “little mold problem” in my children’s closet now involves tearing down drywall to figure out what’s actually going on, and then potential re-siding, sealing, and/or plumbing.  In honor of this occasion I can be found at any number of local thrift stores buying all manner of things we don’t need necessities to re-fill the closet later and to ease my pain.  Join me if you like.  No seriously – it would be really nice to have another cart-pusher.
  5. In other fantastic news, the pediatrician told me I need to cut dairy out of my diet AGAIN because I have ANOTHER diary-intolerant child (What is with these kids?).  After finding out this was the likely cause of her eczema, painful gas, and mucus poops (TMI?) I did the responsible, loving thing and had a big ol’ honkin’ glass of milk as a last hurrah. Feel free to nominate me for Mom of the Year anytime.
  6. Currently there are 4 loads of laundry in the “to-fold” pile not including the load that was just a big blanket, and one more in the washer.  I like to let it get all wrinkly and tangled so I can iron it later.  JUSTKIDDING I don’t usually iron it.  Jeremy wears it wrinkled and I spend as long trying to figure out what else to wear as it would’ve taken me to iron it in the first place.  Real classy family, us.
  7. Annnnndddd seven.  Time to eat some chips.


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