7 Quick Takes

Linking up with Grace at Camp Patton for another dose of 7 completely useless pieces of information.

  1. Tonight while watching the press conference after the capture of the second Boston suspect, Jeremy and I had this gem of a conversation:
    Jeremy:  Does he have a lisp or something?
    Allie:  No, babe, that’s a Boston accent.
    Jeremy:  Oh.
  2. And on a similar note, we have a neighbor from Massachusetts.  After talking to her the first time, my mom and I had this conversation:
    Mom:  I met your neighbor.
    Allie:  Isn’t she great?  I love her accent.
    Mom:  What is she, German?
    Allie:  Mom.  She’s Northern.  She’s just from Boston.
    Mom:  Yeah, but she’s foreign.
    Allie:  No, Mom, she’s definitely not foreign.
    Mom:  Really?  (cue horrible impression of her accent):  “Oh, look at zee buh-bay!  I bet you love your new grand buh-bay”
    Allie:  Mom, she’s not foreign, she’s just from the north.
  3. The tearing up of drywall has not started in my children’s closet, and in fact may not need to occur, but in order to be honest with you all I went ahead and bought 100 dollars worth of clothes at Goodwill just to keep to my word.  I did it for you.  You’re welcome.
  4. After 1 and a half weeks of abstaining from dairy products and indulging in such delicacies as coconut milk coffee “creamer” and veggie cheese that melts without changing shape and has the texture of cold french fries, I had a total moment of brilliance today and ate a bowl of queso dip.  Because I forgot.  And I was eating it WHILE discussing with my sister that I couldn’t make my meatloaf with cheese in it anymore because of the dairy thing, and it still took us five minutes to realize I was sucking down the white melty lactose with out a second thought.  So that’s great.
  5. Malachi’s new favorite word is “buh,” said with the slightest of question-intonation.  He has used it to say “Help me take the lids out of this plastic bin so I can climb in it,” “Can I please play with the iPad,” and “I don’t want to change my diaper.”  So it’s very versatile, I suggest you start incorporating it into your daily life.
  6. Why do toddlers hate getting their nails cut so much?  Every time I cut Malachi’s it’s like WWIII, so I guess today was really more like WWCCLVII (I know you had to go look that up).  Do they have nerves in their fingernails?  Is there an emotional attachment I don’t understand?  Does he have psychological trauma from that time I cut his finger as a newborn?  Because for realz….  I wonder what would happen if I brought him into our local Nailtiques.
  7. I hope you’ve enjoyed this mediocre blog post.  I promise to do better next time.

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