7 Quick Takes

Linking up with Jen at Conversion Diary for 7 Quick Takes Friday.  Feel free to comment, critique, or snore below.

  1. My husband gets told on a fairly regular basis (that’s an exaggeration) that he reminds people of Sheldon from Big Bang Theory.  I’m not sure if it’s the off-beat t-shirts, fabulous haircut, or overall geekiness but I find it somewhat true and completely hilarious.

    I’m sure you’re thinking I should have been a graphic artist. Also, Jeremy also owns the shirt Sheldon is wearing.

    Last night Sheldon was bemoaning the cancellation of his favorite Sci-Fi show, Alphas.  This is the conversation that ensued:
    Jeremy:  That’s too bad, I didn’t know alphas was cancelled either.
    Allie:  Are you kidding me?
    Jeremy:  Nope.
    Allie:  I thought they just made up a show.
    Jeremy:  Nope.
    Allie:  That is going on the blog tomorrow.
    Jeremy:  I wonder if that’s true.  I’m gonna google it.
    Allie:  You are such a nerd!
    Jeremy:  Awwww, it is true.

    On second thought, I’m pretty sure it’s the geekiness.

  2. Malachi and Naomi have both done their fair share of crying this week.  Naomi over being tired, being hungry, or being bashed on the head by her brother.  Malachi over a plethora of ridiculousness with a couple stabbed-himself-in-the-mouth-with-his-toothbrush and fell-headfirst-off-the-beds thrown in.  When one of my children is crying (for a legitimate reason) I get really hyper-stressed out, and fast, but they usually don’t see it because I stay calm for their sake.  However, I’ve noticed that when both of my children are crying at the same time I sometimes (not always) respond by… laughing.  I’ll never forget the drive home from the hospital when Naomi was screaming because she was a newborn and hated the carseat and Malachi was crying because Naomi was coming with us (unexpected, apparently) and Jeremy looked slightly crazy-eyed like “uh…what now?” and I just started laughing.  Maybe because there was nothing we could do about it, maybe as a coping mechanism, maybe because two children simultaneously crying was about to sum up the next chapter of our life…probably that one.
  3. Speaking of crying, last night I belched so loud that it scare Naomi awake and she started crying.  I felt both guilty and completely amused at the same time.  I definitely did the same thing to Malachi when he was a baby.  More than once.
  4. Have you seen this video?  If not, you’re welcome.

    I just found out that one of the stars of that fine piece of cinema regularly attends my church.  I think that’s pretty cool.  I’m sure if those guys found out that I blogged about my claim to fame here, they would be equal parts flattered and creeped out.
  5. This has not been a banner week for me in the patience-with-my-son department.  I’m sure it has nothing to do with his new favorite game which I like to call “Take everything out of the toy box/cabinet/pantry/other toy box and put it in a big pile” or his other new favorite game called “jumping on the bed until I kick Naomi in the face” or his other new favorite game called “Say ‘deet’ over and over and get increasingly frustrated that Mom doesn’t know what I’m talking about.”  On the other hand, he’s still pretty adorable.No more toys in here! 
  6. Malachi has been out of my eyesight for approximately 15 minutes.  I hear the pantry door, an occasional “uh-oh,” and some tapping.  I have no clue what he’s doing.  I’m hoping for the best.
  7. Lastly but not leastly, we are headed to two different festivals tomorrow, then home for a nap, then an art show.  I’m super excited to take the kiddos to do something fun.  Have a spectacular weekend!  Update:  Just found out one of the festivals is cancelled and rescheduled to a weekend we already have plans.  Boo!!

3 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes

  1. My brother is convinced I’m a Sheldon too! His proof? I don’t like alcohol, laugh at my own jokes, use big words so people will learn new words, and only allow my mum to hug me. 🙂

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