7 Quickest Ever Takes

Linking with Jen because that’s how I do.

  1. I’m still swamped with things to do, so this is going to be quick.  We leave for Seattle in 4 days and I know you think I’m making a big deal out of this trip and that’s because I am and it is.  I managed to cross a few things off my list, including the incredibly important “re-organize the linen closet” because, you know, that couldn’t wait until we get back.

    Is that labeled and organized medicine containers you see?  Yes, yes it is.

    Is that labeled and organized medicine containers you see? Yes, yes it is.

  2. I’ve decided to take the 30 Days to Yelling Less and Loving More challenge.  I’m really excited.  There’s still a couple days to sign up if you want to.  I talked about the Orange Rhino blog once before.  Although I don’t think yelling is a huge issue for me, I still want to nip it in the bud before it has the chance to become one.
  3. Jeremy seriously makes me laugh so much.  I think he’s gotten funnier the longer we’ve been married.  Maybe it’s because I rubbed off on him (ha).  In case you haven’t noticed (because someone burned out your eyes, ears, and perception glands) I really like sarcasm and snark and also I just love the word “snark.”  snarksnarksnark.  Last week I was trying to find out if I could take a USB into Staples and print some stuff:
    A:  I just can’t find any information online but I don’t want to go there with both kids
    if they can’t do it.
    J:  You could try calling before you go tomorrow.
    J:  I know it’s outdated.  But it might work.
    A:  Shut up.
  4. Malachi loves to read “cee-cees” (stories) and he is completely obsessed with Curious George, which is unfortunate because the Curious George books (in my humblestrong opinion) are both boring and long.  Jeremy and I were discussing the other night how annoying it is when Malachi picks a CG book.
    A:  I don’t finish it.  I just stop and pick up where we left off later.
    J:  He whines when I don’t finish.
    A:  Really?  I just tell him all done for now and he’s fine.
    J:  I just read the right side only.  It goes faster.
    A:  (cracks up laughing)
    J:  What?
    To each his own, I guess.
  5. I found this video online the other day and thought it was hilarious.  Then I decided it was embarrassing because I’ve probably done it to some extent (sorry, Allison).  But it’s still funny.  I wish I was some kind of interesting ethnic so I could do this to someone sometime.  Not that I ever would, maybe.
  6. Malachi is kind of starting to get interested in potty training, but I really don’t think he’s ready for it yet.  He does, however, love his potty.  I had the brilliant/stupid idea of registering for a potty that doubles as a footstool, which means he thinks it’s totally cool to carry it all over the house.  I also made the cardinal mistake of LAUGHING the first time he put the bowl on his head and said “hat,” so guess what he does all the time now?DSCN4022I guess if he never learns to poop in the potty, at least he can use it as a cup holder.
    potty cup
  7. I feel like I don’t talk enough about Naomi on this blog and that Malachi gets all the attention.  So, here are the top Naomi headlines this week:
    She has a scab inside her nose from where I tried to pick out a booger and
    accidentally attacked her with my fingernail.
    I let her try ice cream last night.  My former self would be shocked.  My current
    self is rolling her eyes at my former self.
    She’s still in her pajamas.  Slacker.
    We met another baby born on the same day same hospital same doctor one
    hour earlier this week.  She was half Naomi’s size.
    Excitement abounds.

Prepping to bring my circus-sideshow across the country

I have precisely three minutes to put my digits in overdrive and pound out a post so wish me luck.

We are going to Seattle in 6 days.  And when I say we I mean ALL FOUR OF US are going to Seattle in 6 days.  Also, I originally typed 3 weeks instead of 6 days.  I have no idea why except maybe subconsciously I know that I need 3 more weeks to get ready but ooooh well. We are currently half-way through adjusting Malachi’s little system back 3 hours so that he can actually enjoy the trip there so at the moment he is napping at 3:00p.m. and going to bed at 9:00 but within the next 6 days he will be napping at 4:00 and going to bed at 10:00 and just shoot me now.


I manage to stay pretty put-together and organized so my to-do list before we go is pretty manageable.  It includes:

  1. Clean entire house.  It’s been a few months weeks, so uh, it needs it.
  2. Make comprehensive list of things I need to pack for the kids.
  3. Pack myself.  Pack my children.  Re-pack my husband after he haphazardly throws items in a giant suitcase and forgets his medicine and pajama pants.
  4. Download apps for the iPad that will occupy Malachi in the airport/security/plane.
  5. Fold the laundry mountain that just. never. stops.
  6. Distribute brochures and flyers to (count them): 15 different restaurants and churches with 1 to 2 children in tow (really looking forward to that one).
  7. Finish writing, addressing, and sending thank you notes from 3 months ago.
  8. Buy father’s day presents.
  9. Buy diapers.
  10. Breathe.

Hope I can manage.  As you can see, I’m responsibly using Malachi’s nap time right now to accomplish number 10.  Go me.

7 Quick Takes

Linkedy-dinka-dinking with Jen and look out! ’cause I’m on time today.  Ta-da!

  1. This week I decided to be both trendy and healthy and try my hand at making some salt and vinegar kale chips.  I love me some salt and vinegar chips and I love me some kale so I figured – what could go wrong?  And aside from the fact that my kitchen smelled like butt, half of them burnt, the other half was chewy, and I used too much salt, it went great.  I even took a photo:



    If you really want an after picture I can go outside and take a picture of the inside of my trashcan.  I plan to make these again in the near never.

  2. Speaking of food malfunctions, please tell me I’m not the only one in the world who thaws meat on the counter?  Let me rephrase…tell me my mom and I are not the only ones in the world who thaw meat on the counter?  Also…sometimes I accidentally let it get room temperature and still cook it.  Also…sometimes I thaw meat, cook half, then refreeze the rest.  YES, I have read alllll the FDA warnings about this but never once in my life have I ever gotten food poisoning.  My style is more, “Meh.  It’ll be fine.”  My husband’s style, however, is more like, “How long has that been on the counter?” – five minutes later – “Is that thawed yet?” – ten minutes later – “Do you want me to put that in the fridge?” – five minutes later – “Did you check that meat?” – five minutes later – “I went ahead and put that meat in the fridge for you.”  This from the man who once ate cooked chicken he had accidentally left in his car.  Overnight.  In July. 
  3. While we’re on the subject of food, here’s a fun fact about Allie:  I like foods in combination that I dislike separately.  Example:  I hate milk chocolate, hate marshmallows, hate graham crackers.  LOVE s’mores.  Like, I once ate 10 in a row THAT’SHOWMUCHILOVETHEM.  Another example:  I really don’t care much for peanut butter or bananas.  Really love peanut-butter-banana sandwiches.  I also don’t like pretzels.  My husband rolls his eyes at me on a regular basis when he goes to eat some chex mix and all that is left in the bag is pretzels because I have eaten around them all (Malachi does it, too).  But I love milk chocolate-dipped pretzels, and I get really excited when they also have sprinkles.  Also, I don’t really like sprinkles that much.  I have like five more examples but I think you’re probably bored so I’ll stop. 
  4. This video completely cracks me up.  Not because I love to listen to my son whine, but because somehow I managed to focus only on his jazz hand that always goes crazy like that when he is begging for something (in this case, my iPod.  And FYI: I thought he wanted me to sing him the birthday song again, but clearly that’s not what he was asking for).
  5. Here’s an out-of-context sentence to make your week:  “Jeremy, if the dog doesn’t want to lick his groin she doesn’t have to.”  Oh you want the context?  Ok.  Malachi spilled tons of food on himself and Jeremy didn’t want to wipe him off, so he tried to show the dog how to lick food off my son’s pants.  Yes, he did.  Thankfully, no she didn’t.  Lest you think Jeremy is the only gross one in the house, though, I call the dog when Naomi spits up on the floor because that is easier and quicker than cleaning it with a rag from the kitchen.  And TMI, Allie, move on….
  6. I’m wondering if maybe I need to lower my standards of productivity so that I could actually meet them and make myself feel better.  I make a list on the white board of the things I want to get accomplished in a day.  Usually I don’t even think about being productive until nap time, and then sometimes that’s also when I think about taking a break and I just don’t know how to squeeze it all in there.  Earlier this week I found myself caught up in such a slurry of productivity, distraction, and mental Olympics that I went jogging into the kitchen to see what I could cross off my list and….


    I had done nothing of actual significance.  I guess cleaning out the linen closet, signing up for online surveys, and googling “health-condition-I’m-not-gonna-put-on-the-internet” weren’t really as pressing as I thought.  Shoot.

  7. Wow, you made it through all that.  Congratulations.  Here’s another out-of-context statement that I thought was hilarious and Jeremy thought was mildly amusing (pretty much summarizes our relationship right there):  “Yep, still got it.”  Was I ___
    A.  patting myself on the back after being noticed by an attractive young man?
    B.  patting myself on the back after completing 10 sit-ups with ease?
    C.  patting myself on the back after successfully pumping 7 ounces in one sitting even though it was my first time pumping this time around and last time by this age I had donated 224 ounces of milk and I wasn’t sure if I could even produce that much anymore?

You decide.

You mess with my kid and I swear I will blog about you!

My son doesn’t get as much social interaction as he probably needs.  I guess that’s one of the downsides of being a stay-at-home-mom is that sometimes it’s easy to forget that your kid really needs to be around other kids.  Our church has very few toddlers, he hangs out with a bunch of kids speaking Korean for an hour and a half on Thursdays, and I try to take him to story time at the library every week but it’s still not really enough.  All that to say that my son LOVES other kids, especially kids that are older than him, but he is pretty shy.  Unless he is at home, he likes to watch them from a safe distance and usually would rather play with me.  But a few weeks ago at story time he decided to break out of his shell.  He left my lap (*gasp*) and sat on the floor with the other kids, interacted, and played.

There is one group of rather rambunctious friends at the library.  They are all probably four or five and they always play together.  Malachi really wanted to see what they were doing and he was so excited to see them playing with the plastic animals that he LOVES.  I was so proud of my boy when he walked over and tried to play along.  I was beaming.  My heart was singing.  I was actually almost teary and any other mom will tell you they understand and my husband will tell you I am a hormonal mess but whatever.

Then, that little girl.  That.  little.  girl.  You know what she did?  She said, “NO!,” grabbed the woof-woof out of my son’s hands, and clutched the bucket it came from with a vice-grip. I was FURIOUS but I held it together.  I told my son, “You need to say please and wait until she gives it to you.”  And he did.  He beamed at her, said “dee,” and picked up the doggie again.  She took it back again.  “NO.  You can’t have it!  WE’RE playing with it.”  By now my face was red and smoke was coming out of my ears and I said, “You should really share” to which she responded, “He didn’t say plee-eez” to which I said, “Yes he did, actually, and those toys are for everyone.”

Far be it from me to pretend that I didn’t get raging mad at that five-year-old-girl but you know what?  Malachi didn’t.  He looked at me, said “woof-woof?,” pointed at the toy, and walked back to the girl smiling again.  Denied again.  At this point the little girl’s mom (who had been watching the ENTIRE time and saying nothing) finally decided it would be appropriate for her to chime in and told her daughter she needed to share.  The little girl’s posse also had started to feel bad for my boy and each shared one animal with him which I thought was quite sweet.  I’ll spare you the back-and-forth that ensued between alpha-child and overwhelmed-mother but finally the little girl was pretty much told “You can hog all the animals except for the dogs, because that is what he wants” and I kept my mouth shut because I figured “It’s about TIME you dealt with your selfish daughter who clearly controls the relationship” wasn’t the best thing to say.

Malachi, who despite not being exposed to many kids still has manners, said “dat-dee” (thank you), and happily walked back over to me to line up all his plastic doggies, his one elephant, and his one bear, respectively, in a row.  He shared with the kids who came to see what he was doing, and he even gave the animals back to alpha-girl when he was done.

As we left the library, I had several feelings.  I was incredibly frustrated with the girl’s mother.  She told her daughter countless times to share but never enforced it.  She let the girl bully my son and a few other kids because she didn’t know how to control it (or perhaps was scared to be firm in front of other mommies).  I was angry at the little girl for being so selfish.  She was twice my son’s age and should really have had some manners.  And I was really disappointed in myself for feeling all of that.  It wasn’t fair.  Children at that age are the product of the situations they grew up in.  And I didn’t know that mom – I don’t know her story.  And while some frustration is probably understandable, some grace (which I had none of at the time) would have been a much better response.  I did hold it together – she didn’t know any of the thoughts going through my mind when I smiled at her and said “Thanks” after she stepped in.  But God knew my heart, and that matters more.

And lastly, I was so, so proud of my son.  My son who stepped out of his comfort zone, played with other kids, shared with anyone who asked, said please and thank you (sort of), and left the library probably thinking that the little girl was his best friend because she gave him a doggie.  I could learn a lot from him.



7 Quick Takes

I’m getting really good at showing up late, but I’m linking with Jen anyways, so here goes.

  1. Naomi woke up in the middle of the night last night because she had gas and a stuffy nose and by the time I remedied those two situations she wanted to nurse and then she had gas again so she just slept in the bed with me the rest of the night.  Needless to say, I’m really tired and we all know that a tired Allie is endlessly pleasant and kind.  So I decided I would ignore all the things I needed to do during Malachi’s never-quite-long-enough nap time today and take a nap but Naomi wanted none of it and kept on crying and squirming and pretty much shouting “No, I will not sleep!”  When I stopped living in denial and finally accepted that she meant it, I literally cried about it (pathetic) and then thought, “Fine.  I’ll just get up and blog.  I don’t need sleep anyways.”  Then I brought her out here to the living room with me and she rolled over.  AAAHHHHH!!!!!  Leave it to kids to be awesome when you are least expecting/most needing it.  Also, don’t babies usually roll over from tummy to back first?  Because if so, she did it backwards.
  2. I consider myself to be a pretty good editor.  Freshman year in college I had to take a “writing style” class.  It was horrible – the professor was such a harsh grader that over half the class failed.  He was a really sweet old man with antiquated ideas but I did enjoy some of the “style” tips.  All that to say that I was very, very unhappy when I realized I used the phrase “Here’s the thing” TWICE in my last post.  And yes, that really is the kind of thing that annoys me.
  3. I have been losing track of time really horribly lately.  Yesterday Malachi ate lunch an hour late and the only reason he got any chow then is that I glanced at my watch thinking, “Wonder if I can squeeze in a quick shower before lunch time? OHMYWORD guess not.”  I also went to bed at 11-flipping-45 last night because I thought it was only 10:15 until I looked at the clock and freaked out.  What is happening?
  4. I was really excited to have a neighbor over for dinner last night.  We’ve been trying to reach out to him for a while and we invited him over for a cookout.  Through a series of unfortunate events he ended up coming over, making a plate, and then immediately going home.  I’m really bummed about this but I have to remember that I asked God to show him love through us and maybe two burgers was all he needed.
  5. In case you missed it, The Office ended this week for forever and ever amen.  I watched the retrospective and cried – yes I am that sappy and emotionally attached to my shows.  That’s also the fourth of my shows that has ended lately and I realize that I’m about to have a lot more “free” time during my recreational hours.  Maybe I’ll finally finish the blanket I started crocheting 6 years ago (no seriously – 6 years ago).
  6. My hair needs a change.  I’m bored with it and I’ve had this hair cut for over a year now which is a pretty big deal for me.  I have some ideas, but I’m leaning towards this one.  Input appreciated.
  7. I feel like this might just be my most boring post ever.  I really try to make every post a gem but this lump-o-coal is just gonna hafta doya for now.

Hasta la later tater.

I decided to get on a Catholic soap-box instead of cleaning my house.

This might be a weird subject to rocket-launch right into out of nowhere but lately I’ve been reading a lot of blogs written by Catholics.  Not necessarily blogs about Catholicism or faith, but still.  And I guess the whole point of this post is summed up right there in my introductory sentence: “This might be a weird subject…”  

In case you are wondering, these are my two faves: Camp Patton and Conversion Diary.  Grace Patton makes me laugh every single day and it’s possible I obsessively check for new posts on her blog more than once a day instead of just waiting for it to show up in my reader.  Jen at Conversion Diary is a converted atheist who started asking really honest questions and eventually embraced the Catholic faith.  So, so cool.

I’ve been in the evangelical church my entire life and I plan to stay here.  Let’s just get the awkwardness out of the way and say, Yes. There are some big theological differences between the standard evangelical belief system and the standard Catholic belief system.  Some of them are pretty serious.  What bothers me, though, is how quickly and completely many of my evangelical brothers and sisters dismiss Catholicism.  This is what I mean:

“Don’t Catholic people worship Mary?”

“Is she a Christian?”
“Well, she’s Catholic, so…”

And so on.

I get it.  I do.  I understand some of the misconceptions.  I know that most evangelicals who grew up in the South were surrounded by this mentality most of their lives.  I know that many Catholics seem to be only nominal in their faith (just going to church and confession but not living anything out).  I know that many Catholics curse and drink.  I know that many Catholics are northern and many northerners are liberal and many evangelicals are conservative and therefore…well, therefore I don’t really know what.

But here’s the thing: many evangelicals are nominal in their faith (just going to church and reading their Bible but not really living it out).  Many evangelicals curse and drink.  Many evangelicals are southern and many southerners are conservative and somewhere in the Bible it says that you have to be a republican to be a Christian but I digress.

Those statements above?  I’ve made them.  Thankfully the worshiping Mary thing hasn’t come out of my mouth since I was a child, but the other one has more than once.  And while I do still have some serious questions about the theology of the Catholic church, here’s what I know to be true: You don’t have to be an evangelical to be a Christ-follower.  It’s just not necessary.

As evangelicals it is so, so easy and common to fall back on the “getting saved” thing to mean you are now set for life and can live out your faith like a roller-coaster and it’s all the same in the end.  The truth is, Jesus doesn’t give us that excuse.  He calls us to radical obedience all the time.  People are supposed to know we follow Him by our life, not by the labels we stick on ourselves.

Here’s the thing: I am passionately, passionately pro-life.  I’m about as conservative as you can be on the abortion issue, and unlike most evangelicals I know I also don’t support the death penalty.  And the further I delve into the issue, the more I try to figure out what to do and how to promote life in our culture, the more I discover that the people doing the most. amazing. things. are usually Catholic.  

I also am a big believer in family.  I’m not going to tell you that I think contraception is wrong (I’m way undecided on that), but I am going to tell you that I think the family is supposed to represent Christ to the world.  That family is essential.  That children are a gift from the Lord.  And while I’m not here to tell you how many children you should have I will say that I think many in the evangelical church have made family all about themselves instead of God.  How many children they want, how many they can handle, how many is affordable.  All of these are big, important questions but our God is a big, important God and He can be trusted.  I fear that sometimes we are so focused on the size and planning of our family that we forget to just focus on the ministry of our family.  We worry too much about how many will work for us instead of letting God make it work with however many we have.  When you take away the ability to control your family’s size you are forced to change your focus to how to honor God with however many family members you have.  Again, I’m not saying it’s wrong to set limits and make decisions.  Every situation is different.  Every situation is personal.  I’m just saying that I think the Catholic church, in some ways, seems to trust in God’s providence a bit more than what I’ve seen in the evangelical church.

ALL that (and yeah, wow, that was a lot) to say that it makes me sad to go to Jen’s awesome, awesome link-up and find myself to be one of the only evangelicals joining the party.  To feel the weight of surprise and a bit of judgment when I tell people in my church that we plan to have 4 or more children.  To get 20 comments in less than a minute on some funny video I post on Facebook but maybe 2 or 3 on something pro-life.  To still find people surprised when I tell them about my mom’s best friend who knows the Lord and has been Catholic her entire life.

I mean honestly.  We have tons of theological differences within the evangelical church as well.  There is a ton of hypocrisy.  There is a ton of nominalism.  And I just think it’s ridiculous that there is often more unity among completely different faiths than there is among two sets of people who claim to be following the same Savior.  Are there differences to overcome?  Yes.  Are there always going to be big disagreements?  Probably.  Will it get a little awkward at times?  Definitely.  But please, let’s try to build some bridges.  Because we have so much to learn from each other, and so much we could do to honor God together.

An Ode to the Nasty

Things in my house have been all sparkly* and pleasant** lately.  If you are squeamish look away and don’t come back til the next post.  And I realize that this isn’t technically a mommy blog which means I don’t technically have an excuse to talk about poop, but I make the rules around here.

*sparkly = slimy
**pleasant = gag-inducing

Naomi was sitting up whilst being burped the other day (week? minute? It all runs together) with half her teeny-tiny butt on the boppy pillow and half on my stomach.  While waiting for her to burp, I felt something very, very warm and suspicious seeping through all (ALL) my clothes and onto my skin.  I checked and yes.  Yes it was.  Now what?  I held the boppy in place with one arm, picked Naomi up with another, walked to the changing table and pushed everything out of the way with another and no I don’t know where the third arm came from.  Then I dropped Naomi on the table, walked to the laundry room, unzipped the boppy cover and threw it and the pillow in the washing machine, rolled up my shirt, carefully walked through the house to shut the blinds in the dining room, came back, took off every stitch of clothing, threw them all in the washer, came up for breath….  Then I stripped Naomi, wiped down the changing table, changed her diaper, wiped down the table again, THEN put clothes on me, then her, and while all this was happening she puked all over her face/neck/hair.

Malachi’s iron is low again (joyjoyjoy) and thus he is on iron supplements.  He does the numero dos about 4 times a day, always while Jeremy is at work, and I could draw more comparisons between his diapers and tar than you want to hear so I won’t.


Yesterday Malachi was walking through the house saying “Uh-oh” with his hand stretched out in front of him and when I went to investigate what minuscule speck of dirt my very-OCD child had on his hand I discovered that lo and behold – it was not dirt that was bothering him but snot, stretched between his two fingers because he had apparently stuck BOTH up his nose.

And today when Naomi puked all over herself 2 minutes after being dressed in the cutest of outfits, I told my Mom not to change her because she looked so cute and she pukes 4 or 5 times a day anyways and it would dry.  I know this because sometimes I re-wear jeans that already have dried spit-up on them because my belly only fits into 2 pairs of jeans at the moment.

So in case you had any doubt at all, yes.  Having a child is wonderful and worth it and blah blah blah and you know this because I am the mushy type but anytime someone picks up my girl and says “I love that new baby smell” I smirk and say “You have NO idea.”