7 Quick Takes 2 Days Late

Crashing Jen‘s 7 Quick Takes Friday party with a post containing looooottts of kind-of not boring links.  Better late than never.  As someone once said, the party don’t start til I walk innnnnn.

  1. Today was Malachi’s second birthday.  I promise a big, sappy post is on its way but for now I will leave you with this.

  2. In related news, I really think Malachi is taking after me in the photogenic department because he took some real stunners today.StunnerStunner
  3. My husband has a Netflix issue.  As soon as we get a movie he gets all stressed until we watch it.  We pay 7 bucks a month for Netflix, so if we don’t get at least 7 movies a month it’s a waste of money in his head.  Sometimes I breath a big ol’ sigh of relief when movies are in transit and I can just watch Food Network stress-free.  Because I know you were all looking for a run-down of the movies I’ve watched lately, here’s an unofficial review.
    A.  Say Anything: “I gave her my heart and she gave me a pen.”  One of my favorite movies lines ever.  Also, it’s nice to finally understand the pop-culture boombox-over-the-head reference.
    B.  Red Tails:  So boring. I kept trying to watch it and kept winding up back on Facebook again and again and again and again and again.  Also, really awful acting.  Boo.
    C.  Breaking Dawn Part 2:  If you’ve read the books you will get all mad at the twist and then all happy at the untwist and then all sad that it’s over.  If you haven’t read the books you will probably hate this movie as much as the last four that your wife dragged you to.  Highly recommended.
    D.  Silver Linings Playbook:  Set in Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love.  I assume that by brotherly love they mean rude, crass, cussing, mean people because that is what I experienced when I was there.  That kind of sums up the movie, too.  Not recommended.
  4. I’m pretty sure I have writer’s block right now.
  5. This week I made my first appearance at the ESL program I run since the debut of mon bebe.  It was our end-of-year party and it would be lying to say that my motivations didn’t at least partly lie in sampling all the awesome food.  Whilst there my son enjoyed three activities: A) eating, B) saying “mama” over and over if I moved more than two feet away and, C) looking out/banging on the windows with friends.  Let’s play a game of “Where’s Malachi-o?” shall we?

    Which of these things does not belong?

    Which of these things does not belong?

  6. I just found this tonight and it has made me so, so excited.  Not sure why I have used the free, dumber version of photoshop to spend a half an hour to (badly) stitch two pictures together up until this point, but no more.  I have officially graduated from professional-ish editing programs to idiot-proof iPod app-wannabes.  My photography career is about to take off.  Watch out.
  7. Oh!  Ohohoh!  NEWS.  In my garden you will find a lot of plants that came pre-grown because I was too late and lazy to plant stuff from seeds, BUT guess what?  My corn has sprouted!  And so has my lettuce.  I feel super accomplished and if it dies, I will cry.I’ve got about four blog posts rolling around in my head and a fairly free week coming up, so prepare yourself.L8r.

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