7 Quickest Ever Takes

Linking with Jen because that’s how I do.

  1. I’m still swamped with things to do, so this is going to be quick.  We leave for Seattle in 4 days and I know you think I’m making a big deal out of this trip and that’s because I am and it is.  I managed to cross a few things off my list, including the incredibly important “re-organize the linen closet” because, you know, that couldn’t wait until we get back.

    Is that labeled and organized medicine containers you see?  Yes, yes it is.

    Is that labeled and organized medicine containers you see? Yes, yes it is.

  2. I’ve decided to take the 30 Days to Yelling Less and Loving More challenge.  I’m really excited.  There’s still a couple days to sign up if you want to.  I talked about the Orange Rhino blog once before.  Although I don’t think yelling is a huge issue for me, I still want to nip it in the bud before it has the chance to become one.
  3. Jeremy seriously makes me laugh so much.  I think he’s gotten funnier the longer we’ve been married.  Maybe it’s because I rubbed off on him (ha).  In case you haven’t noticed (because someone burned out your eyes, ears, and perception glands) I really like sarcasm and snark and also I just love the word “snark.”  snarksnarksnark.  Last week I was trying to find out if I could take a USB into Staples and print some stuff:
    A:  I just can’t find any information online but I don’t want to go there with both kids
    if they can’t do it.
    J:  You could try calling before you go tomorrow.
    J:  I know it’s outdated.  But it might work.
    A:  Shut up.
  4. Malachi loves to read “cee-cees” (stories) and he is completely obsessed with Curious George, which is unfortunate because the Curious George books (in my humblestrong opinion) are both boring and long.  Jeremy and I were discussing the other night how annoying it is when Malachi picks a CG book.
    A:  I don’t finish it.  I just stop and pick up where we left off later.
    J:  He whines when I don’t finish.
    A:  Really?  I just tell him all done for now and he’s fine.
    J:  I just read the right side only.  It goes faster.
    A:  (cracks up laughing)
    J:  What?
    To each his own, I guess.
  5. I found this video online the other day and thought it was hilarious.  Then I decided it was embarrassing because I’ve probably done it to some extent (sorry, Allison).  But it’s still funny.  I wish I was some kind of interesting ethnic so I could do this to someone sometime.  Not that I ever would, maybe.
  6. Malachi is kind of starting to get interested in potty training, but I really don’t think he’s ready for it yet.  He does, however, love his potty.  I had the brilliant/stupid idea of registering for a potty that doubles as a footstool, which means he thinks it’s totally cool to carry it all over the house.  I also made the cardinal mistake of LAUGHING the first time he put the bowl on his head and said “hat,” so guess what he does all the time now?DSCN4022I guess if he never learns to poop in the potty, at least he can use it as a cup holder.
    potty cup
  7. I feel like I don’t talk enough about Naomi on this blog and that Malachi gets all the attention.  So, here are the top Naomi headlines this week:
    She has a scab inside her nose from where I tried to pick out a booger and
    accidentally attacked her with my fingernail.
    I let her try ice cream last night.  My former self would be shocked.  My current
    self is rolling her eyes at my former self.
    She’s still in her pajamas.  Slacker.
    We met another baby born on the same day same hospital same doctor one
    hour earlier this week.  She was half Naomi’s size.
    Excitement abounds.

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