7 Quick Takes Completely Random Edition

  1. Talk about a dud of a week.  Not that I would win any homemaker awards, like, ever but this week was exceptionally unawardable.  First I left the fridge and freezer open for over 4 hours.  The only real casualty was my soy ice cream.  After it re-froze it tasted like one big carton of freezer burn – mouthwatering.  The next day I remembered to start the 8-hour crock pot meal at 1:30 in the afternoon, so guess what we didn’t eat for dinner that day.  Not even the high setting could save us.  Last night I succeeded in removing my crying child from her room before she woke up the sleeping child, and then I kicked the most annoying butterfly that ever was and it sang and lit up and woke up Malachi for good measure.  And last night Jeremy quite sweetly asked me if he had any clean socks in the laundry mountain because he’d been wearing the same pair for four days and didn’t say anything so I wouldn’t feel bad.  Thank you, I’ll be here all week.
  2. In the middle of all that forgetting stuff I did manage to do a couple really random and OCD-type things.  Malachi spilled an entire cup of milk on his car seat and since it’s been nasty hot all week you can imagine how awesome it smelled.  No amount of Febreeze and camouflage could’ve fooled anyone into thinking some man just got out of the shower, unless he was showering in cottage cheese.  So I took his entire car seat apart and washed the cover and wiped it down. But I couldn’t stop there – I also vacuumed and wiped and glass cleaned and reattached the stupid suction cups on the sunshades that NEVER stay stuck and sprayed everything down with a half-bottle of Febreeze and it smells approvable now.  This week I also took the vacuum apart and washed the filters and then made Maggie a little sister out of all the hair she deposited in our carpet.  And I reminded her, again, that when we bought her it was her boxer half that called to us and growing in to her collie hair two months later was really unfair.
    ImageNot the greatest example, but you get the idea.
    I also took the diaper genie completely apart and soaked it in bleach water and then put it back together over the course of the next 45 long whytheheckdidIdothat minutes which REALLY freaked Malachi out because he is a totally normal, well-adjusted child.
  3. I didn’t feel like I gave good credit to our love story in my last post about how Jeremy and I met, but I guess I was wrong because it was one of my most popular posts ever and people from nine different countries read it.  I can track down four of those countries, but not the other five.  EX-citing.
  4. In other bloggy news, I updated my about page.  I still think it’s awkward.  Input appreciated.
  5. I’m trying to decide whether or not I want things to get a little uncomfortable in here.  I have SO many opinions that I never share simply because there are already way to many opinions being hurled around like javelins and I’m too busy ducking.  But suffice it to say I have opinions on lots and lots of things going on in the world (and my little world) right now, and I think my husband might appreciate a break from listening to them all the time.  Not really sure where I was going with that paragraph, so…..onward.
  6. Malachi is finally growing into his boy-ness.  While we were at the beach he fell down ten stairs, ate a handful of sand, a toe-nail fell off, and he COMPLETELY wiped out in the ocean.  In this cute little video the last split-second shows the very very beginning of the wipe-out but rest assured he got buried under two huge waves and I lost sight of him for a split second and he came up sputtering and begging “House!” because after that he was DONE with the water for the day.  Dee Oh Inn Ee DONE.  But he did manage to tentatively stick a toe back in later so for that I was proud…


  1. <—-(Can’t figure out how to make that a 7.  Wordpress for the win, again!  I apologize to the OCD among us.)  And finally, a fair warning.  I enrolled Malachi for pre-school this week.  I’m still kind of in denial and I’m also trying not to worry more than once an hour about the whole dropping-him-off while he cries “Momma see!” because…I’m just not sure how I’m gonna do it.  So here’s hoping and praying and praying and praying that he gets over his separation anxiety before then and falls IN LOVE with pre-school because otherwise I might be doing a lot of breaking down via the blog-o-sphere.  And no one wants that.


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