Sick of sick of sick

If you take the time to read the above title slowly and grammatically, you will understand where I’m going with this one.

I’m sick of being sick, yes, who isn’t?  But more importantly, I’m just sick of being sick of being sick.  You know?  Those young (fine! younger) people who bounce all around and go to movies and travel and just laugh about the fact that they have a fever and a cold and they just threw up a sec ago make me mad in a jealous, incredulous type of way.  Throw a cold all up in my plans and I’m like “No!  Not fair!  I already don’t sleep!  Now I don’t-sleep more!  I’m always sick!  Why can’t someone else get sick?  Why doesn’t Jeremy wake up when the baby is sick?” etc.

In other words, I’m a pleasure to be around when my nose is stuffed.

I don’t really have a point… I’m just too incoherent to throw down a quality post, so this is what you get.  You’re welcome.

I remember when I was little and I’d get sick and part of me would be SO excited because I got to lay on the couch and watch The Fugitive over and over and over and over (normal child ≠ me) and I got out of dish duty, too, so it was ggggrrrr-eat. Then when I got older and I had to go to work still that was pretty miserable but I wasn’t allowed to really let it show because I was at work, so… I’d come home, Jeremy would cook, and I’d lay on the couch until I got up to lay in the tub until I got up to lay in the bed.

Now that I’m a homemakuh I’m in the in-between of having the luxury of cancelling my day because I’m sick and then the annoyance of kids that don’t understand that I cancelled my day and so I don’t really get to cancel anything except my Fugitive-watching plans.


This is my pathetic attempt to add a picture to keep this post more “interesting!” Maybe I should just try again tomorrow.


But as any mom will tell you, if mom is sick than one or both of the kids are also sick, and mine are.  Malachi gets sick by watching TV all day so I can deal with that.  Apparently Naomi gets sick by screaming, then taking a long nap, then waking up to scream, then taking another long nap, then being happy for an hour, then screaming, then refusing to nap, then screaming some more, then not going to bed, then finally screaming herself to sleep.  Oh, and then waking up every 45 minutes all. night. long.  So if anyone wants to order me a happy mood with a side of better attitude, bring it.

Martyrs R Us for-ev-er!

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