7QT F-F-F-F-Friday

I guess Malachi knows it’s Friday because he’s still rocking out in his crib singing “Ni-Na-Ni-Na Oh Yeah!” even though he was supposed to be asleep an hour ago.  Fun for all! Whatever. He’s still not getting out until nap time is officially ov-ah so Rock on, Crazy Cray.

In other Friday news, linking with Jen because I like it like that.

  1. This.

    I just – I can’t even – OMG.  My favorite part is when he almost falls over.
  2. Malachi and I crash the Under-2 story time at the library every week and we use Naomi as our excuse.  I even took her out of the car seat the past couple weeks so it wouldn’t look so bad.  Malachi is a big, big, big fan and I have no shame so we go to the 2-and-Up story time now, too.  Normally once I’ve gone through the gymnastics of getting both kids changed, fed, dressed, changed again, packed, out the door, pacifiered, out of the car, and into the library I get a little antsy and come up with other things to do.  Today we went to the mall, ran some errands, had lunch, and Malachi rode some of those quarter cars.  He even got to sit in a real chair because I didn’t feel like trucking the food tray, both kids, my purse, and the stroller allll the way back to the bathroom hallway to grab a highchair which I would have had to balance on my back in order to get it alllll the way back to a table.  He felt pretty proud of himself once he finally decided which seat he could take.  And as you can see, he hated it.
    Ok, so he doesn’t look as happy as I thought in those pictures, but I promise he and Naomi both had a blast.
    IMG_2675Friday is my favoritest ever ever.
  3. In case I haven’t talked enough about my kids yet, this is what Malachi did for 2 hours straight yesterday morning. Hopefully this doesn’t mean he’ll take sick enjoyment in calling people and immediately hanging up when he is older. He may have just been excited that he was allowed to use the “Oooooo!” (as he calls the iPad) for so long yesterday. Sick mom = extra screen time = everybody’s happy.

  4. Malachi must have finally gone to sleep. Hopefully this will pay off into a nap that lasts all the way until Jeremy gets home so we can avoid the post-nap pre-Daddy time of day that I Luh-HUV.
  5. Wow, did I really just use the first four of my takes on my kids? What’s that you say about not being a mom-blog, Allie?
  6. I live downtown. Several years ago that would have been kind of a scary statement to make, but now it’s pretty cool. Our downtown has some exciting things going on like new sculptures and construction end-dates in sight and murals and a market and and and…  We also have a big enough mix of hippies, artsies, families, outdoorsies, and sketchies to feel authentic. But every time I start to feel like, yes, maybe we ARE cool and this city ISN’T just a small-town anymore…
    buffaloNever mind.
  7. Last and probably least (if that’s possible), let’s talk about everyone’s favorite subject: poop!  Just kidding.  I wouldn’t do that to you (again).

Hasta la next time.

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