Apparently I have enough confession-worthy indescrepencies built up to warrant an entire post, so… help yourself.

  1. Tonight we were going to have Orange Chicken a la Pinterest because I remembered that I had a jar of Orange Marmalade sitting around in the fridge from I don’t even remember what, so.  I pulled it out and it was a little bit expired.
    Juuuuust a little.  
    The confession part is that I was going to use it anyway.  The FDA recommendations and I don’t really care much for each other.  But then when I opened it I couldn’t remember if that’s how orange marmalade really looks or if the fuzziness was possibly something else, so… I threw it away.  Round of applause, please.
  2. Jeremy downloaded the first 2 seasons of Downton Abbey for me so I’d have something to watch during the day in “all my free time.”  “Hardy har har!” I said.  Even though I requested it, I figured “free time” was no longer a part of my vocabulary. Maybe if I say it real slow….fffffrrrrrrrrr.  Eeeeee.  T- t- t- nope.  Can’t even say it.But, I started watching Downton day before yesterday.  How many episodes have I gotten through, you ask?  Well…..
    Ten.  10 ninety-minute episodes (sans commercials!  It makes a difference!)  Don’t judge!  While watching I was folding laundry and couponing and nursing and….ok never mind, judge.  That’s the whole point of this post.
  3. This was going to be a serious post.  I even had the first paragraph written out, but then WordPress crashed and by the time I got Naomi asleep and the Orange Chicken converted to Aplethoraofcondiments Chicken and WordPress back up and running I decided to do a less serious post because it’s faster and I didn’t have time to write a long post AND finish the episode of Downton I had been nursing all day and I have priorities, people.
  4. I really like run-on sentences.
  5. I forgot to bathe Naomi for…more than a few days.  I literally just forgot.  She doesn’t spit up that much anymore so there was nothing to remind me, “Hm. I should probably bathe her.” So I gave her a bath and a couple days went by and Imma get back on track, I promise,  but I allowed last night’s dip in the pool to count for her bath (even though she never submerged deeper than her chest).  Mom of the year!  Right here!
  6. And finally, take a guess at how many cookies Malachi has eaten in the last two days.  If you guessed 6 or 7 – dingdingdingdingding!  You win!  Complete with two that were drenched in blue food coloring because this whole “I want my family to be organic” thing pretty much gets chucked out the window if it means getting through the grocery store without a meltdown.  Priorities, people.  Represent.

3 thoughts on “Confessions

    • I don’t understand how you start all these great shows and then stop after a couple seasons. If I did that I would implode. And I’ll let you know when I’m done with season 2 but if you are going to watch the next 2 seasons with me we might need to make a marathon of it because I’m not watching one episode a week!!!!

      • It’s not on Hulu so I can’t watch it. I would love a Downton Marathon. I love their clothes.

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