7 Quick Takes “I’m So Busy Tomorrow I’ll Write This a Day Early” Edition

Linking with Jen!

  1. Every mom will tell you that silence is not golden but instead is whatever color suspicion is. Naomi goes down for her nap during Malachi’s lunch time, which seems like a great idea because he is a prisoner of his high chair and I can spend however long it takes to get her screaming, arching, razzing, flipping person to just reLAX and go to SLEEP. Today when I walked back out to the mess hall Malachi had been saying “uh-oh” for a couple minutes which is code for “I did something bad and I’m trying to pass it off as an accident.” Upon closer inspection I realized he was SOAKED in milk. Since Naomi was napping I couldn’t access his closet so I grabbed the first clean shirt I could find in the laundry pile and he wore this gem of an outfit for the rest of the day:
    hot messHot mess.  Don’t blame me for the 1 sock which somehow doesn’t match either his green stripey shirt or blue camo shorts in this ensemble – he picked them out himself.
  2. Yesterday at approx 2 in the p.m. I went out to pick some veggies from my garden and my oft-drunk neighbor was possibly enjoying the happiest hour of his life ifyouknowwhatImean.  He was standing on his front porch, shirtless, drinking a can of beer, pointing at nothing in the middle of the street, and singing “Drop it Like it’s Hot” at the top of his lungs.  When I got up on our deck within eye-shot of him I nervously scampered inside because I didn’t want him to see me and try to conversate because…no.  I did briefly consider dropping it like it was hot in the confines of my yard where no one could see but the stink bugs, but I decided against it. Especially after he switched to the next song and started screaming “I’m a gangsta! You don’t want me in yo neiba-hood!”  There might be some truth to that…
  3. On Wednesday Jenny asked us to find out our personality type and since I love love love love love all manner of self-analysis multiple-choice stuff (LOVE), I did it.  I am INFJ and though I didn’t put much stock into it at first, when I read this description I was blown away.  Blown. A. Way. Quiet exterior, deep convictions, good with languages, writes better than they speak, has tons of opinions that they only express to a few people (!!!), comes across standoffish….seriously this might warrant another post in the future.  Take yours and tell me what you are.  Really!
  4. I’m writing this on Thursday night (cheater). That stupid butterfly that I kicked the other night is now going off ON ITS OWN. I can hear it through the monitor. I’ve never liked butterflies (except real ones) and maybe it knows and it’s out to get me. I’m afraid it will wake Malachi up. And all this is significant enough to me that I am sharing it with the web-i-verse.  Get a life, Allie.
  5. So this right here?  DISGUSTING.  In case you are too lazy to click the link (I know you are), here’s a picture:

    Naomi has a cold and I can’t clear her nose for the life of me, but now I think maybe I should just stop trying. It seems my only other options are battery-powered aspirators (too expensive for Mrs. Coupon Crazy) or those snot suck things which, I mean, I KNOW that the “straw” (ew ew ew) has a blocker doohicky but… It just creeps me out too much.  I wonder if my laziness would actually pay off though, because I only ever wipe off Naomi’s blue thing (which Malachi calls “Nee!” which means “Nose!”) – I don’t actually wash it out.  Maybe it’s not moldy because of that? I don’t know, but I kind of want to cut it in half now to check.
  6. I took the kids to see Toy Story 3 at the library this week (and yes, the library is my second home, thanks for asking). I’d never seen it either and I actually cried. Like, more than once.  I have a pretty good poker face and ability to hide my emotions (feel free to psychoanalyze that however you like) at first I thougt, “No. NO. I will not cry. Don’t be stupid. This is a kid’s movie.” By the second time I’m just thinking, “This is SO embarrassing.  I need to get my junk together before they turn the lights on. Geez.”

    It did make me feel a wee bit guilty though.  I had so many stuffed animals as a child that they filled about 10 large outdoor black garbage bags.  Over the years I whittled it down to 5 bags, then 2, and now I have most of my stuffed animals in a toy hammock in the kids’ room because I can justify keeping them “for my kids!” even though they can’t even reach the hammock, much less tell what’s in it. Pathetically, though, I have another bag of animals upstairs in a storage closet that I love too much to even share with my kids and they are MINEallMINE!  I need to give some of them away. What’s the best place to give them to?
  7. This weekend we’re off to visit my dad’s family in their new house which we haven’t seen yet.  I’m excited but also dreading the whole Malachi-clinging-to-my-body-like-a-leech thing that happens when he is in an unfamiliar place. Say a prayer for us!

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