A Conversation with My Children about Going Outside

Key:     Ja-Ja = outside    Haish-ee = shoe     Na-Ni = Naomi     Da-Dee = doggie

Allie:  Malachi, do you want to go outside?

Malachi:  Ja-Ja!

Allie:  Hang on, we gotta get some shoes on first.

Malachi:  Haish-ee!

Allie:  Come on, let’s get your shoes.

Malachi:  Ja-Ja!

Allie:  We’ll go outside after we get your shoes.  Oh, and Na-Ni needs a new diaper, too.

Malachi:  Na-Ni.

Allie:  Ok, come here.  Let’s get your shoes on.


Allie:  Put your foot in.

Malachi:  Haish-ee!  HAISH-ee!  Haaaaiiiiisssshhhh-eeeee!!!

Allie:  Buddy, let’s get your first shoe on and then we’ll get that one!  I won’t let you go out with just one shoe, don’t worry.

Malachi:  Haish-ee.

Allie:  Ok, let me change Na-Ni’s diaper.

Malachi:  Haish-ee!

Allie:  No, buddy, you already have sandals on.  You don’t need to wear your sneakers, too.

Malachi:  Haish-ee!

Allie:  Naomi, stop rolling over so I can change your diaper, baby girl.

Malachi:  Haish-ee.

Allie:  Naomi honey, hang on a second, baby.


Allie:  Naomi.  Just a second, baby girl, then you can roll over.

Malachi:  Na-Ni.


Allie:  Ohmyword.  Naomi, honey, please be still!

Malachi:  Ja-Ja!

Allie:  Ok, buddy, let’s go.

Malachi:  Ja-JAAAA!!!!!

Allie:  Oh wait.  Let me get Na-Ni in her seat.

Malachi:  Na-ni.  Ja-Ja!

Allie:  We’re gonna go outside, I just have to put Na-Ni in her seat so I have a free hand to pick vegetables with.

Malachi:  Na-Ni.  Da-dee.  Mama.  Ja-Ja!

**Five minutes later.**

Allie:  Malachi, it’s really hot.

Malachi:  Hot.

Allie:  Let’s go back inside.

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