7QT again

It’s Friday!  Linking with Jen.

  1. My garden is a constant source of frustration for me.  My tomatoes were doing KILLER – so exciting!!!  Then stinkbugs started eating them.  No biggie – I looked up solutions and dealt with that problem.  But now they seem to have some kind of disease.  It’s either a wilt or blight, if you are interested.  And from what it sounds like there isn’t much I can do about either.  I am going to be devastated if I lose my tomatoes – all 20 or 30 green ones out there.  Not to mention the nonstop frustration that is my strawberry plants.  Better luck next year, I guess.
  2. Well, that was a pretty negative note to start out on.  Let’s try again!  I made my first baby food for Naomi today.  I can’t believe she is that old already.  Plus it brought back memories of when Malachi was that little.  The slimy butternut squash all over my hand, not being able to get all the meat out of the peel, turning off the food processor to discover the baby is screaming in terror at the noise and you didn’t realize it… been there, done all those.
  3. Ok, take three.  Think positive!  Tonight we are going to a baseball game with Jeremy’s coworkers.  There is going to be free food and the kids (well, the kid, realistically) get unlimited access to the bounce house and the bounce house and the bounce house, because I don’t think the batting cage or the fast pitch station are good choices for Malachi at this point.  Anyways, it is beautiful out (just what you came here for! another commentary on the weather!) and I’m excited.
    If Malachi could remember this, he would be excited, too.

    If Malachi could remember this, he would be excited, too.


  4. Just got back from getting Naomi up from another spectacular 20-minute nap.  If I had a penny for every time this week that I’ve said “I’m not gonna fight with you, honey, I’m just not” I’d probably have enough money for a bouncy-ball from the Wal-mart lobby.  The lesson here is, don’t try any more dairy “just to see if she’s better yet” ever again ever.  Ever.
  5. Because putting a humor pin on your blog is NEVER a cop out, let me just give you a couple from my narcissistic board called “Sounds Like Me.”  Here’s one that describes my life pretty much all the time:
    funny-sarcasm-point-kiddingHere’s one that explains why I never feel like I have anything together:

    And here’s one that pretty much describes what’s going on right now:

    And when I say I have no shame, I really do mean it.
  6. Wanna help me win ten bucks?  You know you do.  There’s an awesome country market nearby and whoever is their 1000th “like” gets a gift card.  I haven’t liked them yet because I’m waiting for precisely 19 more people to go first.  Help a mutha out.
  7. Let’s see, what else can I bore you with….  Jeremy took Malachi to the playground the other day and when Malachi lost his footing and Jeremy responsibly left him hanging, Malachi figured out how to hang from stuff.  And now we walk into various rooms and find him hanging from his crib, the sink, the upstairs balcony (kidding! for now…) and yelling out “HA ha! haHA!”  I really really wish I had a picture to show you but I don’t and while I’m nowhere near beyond re-staging a past moment to look natural, Malachi is sleeping and I like to let sleeping monsters lie.

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