7 of ’em

Linking with Jen and this is gonna be fastfastfast because I wasn’t even planning on posting and I really don’t have time.  And if THAT doesn’t say, “I love you dear readers” I don’t know what does.  So let’s make this a linky list instead of the usual. (I tried to say “uszh” but I’m not sure how to spell it….)

  1. This blog post is one of the BEST I have ever read.  Even after she had to remove her hilarious pictures (sob!) I still love it.  I don’t talk about it often (ok, maybe I do) but I am a huge breastfeeding supporter/promoter/believer and it’s awesome to hear so much support and also so much humor that I TOTALLY get. And since I won’t be getting 1.5 million unexpected views on my blog, here is my favorite picture she had that she later removed:

  2. Books I want to read: Fight (A Christian Case for Nonviolence) because it is veeerrrrryyyyy interesting (for lack of a better term) being a usually-anti-war (but always pro-troops!), anti-death-penalty, mostly conservative Christian in the south.  Wow, I’m revealing all sorts of new stuff about myself today.  Also, the author of this book co-authored a book with Francis Chan that I dearly loved, so.  There’s that.  I also want to read Grace-Based Parenting because that concept was rolling around in my head verbatim since I had my first child and it’s something I aspire to and fail at daily.  I’d love some perspective and clarity.  And on a much more shallow note, Death Comes to Pemberly.  Because I am a Jane Austin addict but she is dead and I need SOMETHING to fill in the gap.  Book donations always appreciated.
  3. Ok, number three and I’m already out of links (and brain cells). Speaking of being out of brain cells, I almost forgot about Malachi’s pre-school orientation today but thankfully I DID remember and it was great. I think he’s going to love it but I dread the crying leave-taking that I KNOW is coming. He starts Tuesday so, prayers for myself and him and also myself much coveted.
  4. For the 98% of you who linked over here from Facebook, this is old news (yawn) but I’d like to just point out that since my daughter started solids less than two weeks ago she’s eaten an entire butternut squash, 2 sweet potatoes, a whole pear, a whole banana, 2 jars of peas, 2 jars of prunes, and 2 jars of blueberry applesauce.  And she’s heeeee-yuuuuge.
    naomi eats.
  5. Maybe blogging at 9:45 at night when I should be getting ready for bed and a 4-hour trip tomorrow is not a great idea after all.
  6. For some reason this week a lightbulb turned on and Malachi has figured out how to pronounce things correctly(er).  For example, he now says “ba” for ball instead of “dee.”  He can say “Fo” (four) and “dah-puh” (diaper) and “chich” (church). This is a big leap for him and it makes me really excited.  If he can say “music” soon instead of “da-sich” I will be one very happy mother.  He’s been pretty behind in his development all along, so it was also encouraging today when the preschool teachers talked about focusing on a color a month and I’m like, “My son KNOWS his colors and is VERY familiar with ye-yee already, thank you.”  He also is really, really interested in letters and reading and is watching Wheel of Fortune with even more rapt attention than usual.
  7. If you’ve lasted this long I feel like I should reward you so let me send you on to happier and funnier pastures.  If you like to make fun of dumb Pinterest pins, this is your new best friend.  If you want to feel really old when you’re not that old, check out this one.  Refreshing perspective on dealing with curse words here.  And trust, me this is a good idea.  I know because I said the mother of all curse words once, was told not to repeat it, and promptly asked my other parent what it meant who was so taken aback that that was the day I got THE talk.  The birds and bees talk.  And on that note….. Bye.

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