7QT – 7 Things I Learned About Myself on Pinterest

Linking with Jen, like I do.

So originally this was gonna be kind of a cop-out post.  I wasn’t feeling terribly inspired to blog, but then I realized I wasn’t feeling terribly inspired to fold laundry, either, and if I was just gonna sit on the couch and waste time I ought to post something and this seemed easy. But the more I thought about it, the more introspective I got. Dangerous.

So without further ado – 7 things I learned about myself on Pinterest.

  1. I’m not as servant-hearted as I thought.

    This is sooooo me. Here I am thinking I’m gonna serve others by opening the door for them or letting them over in traffic but I get no head nod or acknowledgmental wave or “thanks” and then I turn all, “You’re WELcome! Geesh!” After I pinned this I realized how pathetic that was. But then I wonder… am I really not servant-hearted, or is it something else? In spiritual gifts tests I always test really high in the justice/judgment category, which basically means I have a very strong and clear sense of right and wrong. So if I do the right thing for someone and it’s not met with the “right” response it seriously ruffles my feathers. But if they do thank me, it gives me a mini and quick emotional high. Still, though, I’d rather just be glad to serve regardless of the response.
  2. I’m getting over the goo-goo-gah-gah-everything-baby-is-so-cute stage.

    See that goooorgeous bag up there? That’s my next diaper bag. I’ve been through four different diaper bags so far and the one I have now is by far my favorite. It’s convenient, smart, easy to carry, and UGLY. If it could talk all it would say all day long is, “Look! I’m a diaper bag! I hold diapers! The woman carrying me is a MOM because I’m a DIAPER BAG!” and I’m just over it. Convenient as it may be, I’m ready for a cute bag that can house my purse essentials (i.e. everything) and the diaper bag essentials for two kids and not be such an ugly piece of ugly. So PLEASE help me choose, because I am super torn: this or this?
  3. I’ve been lying about the birthday party thing. To myself and others.

    For Malachi’s first and second birthdays we just had small affairs. A few balloons, family, one friend, a cake. It was WONDERFUL and he was happy. Little kids don’t need huge parties – they won’t remember them, it’s a waste of money, they are happy just to be with the people they love. It’s all true. Except…I want to have a theme party for my kids! With a ridiculous cake! And favors! And coordinated games! And other kids! I do. I admit it. It’s out there now. I feel better?
  4. I’m too busy.

    This is a really hard one. I realize it when I scroll through my pins and see project after project after project that I want to do that I haven’t had time for. The gallery wall. The once-a-month-cooking. The memento organization. I know that having two kids under three is HARD and that some days I will get nothing done and that’s ok. But I still feel like I can’t JUST do the homemaker thing. I need to stay involved in something else, right? Like my ESL program, directing missions at our church, hosting a small group, attending Bible study, mentoring girls from our church… I don’t know what or how to cut out. But if I use my free time to hang out on Pinterest and Facebook, it’s not because I’m a bad prioritizer – it’s because I’m too tired to do anything else. I’m gonna have to mull this over for a while, I think. (<— Case in point: I started this post yesterday.)
  5. I am less bohemian than I think I am.

    I had a ten-dollar Kohl’s gift certificate come in the mail this week and I got really excited because I’ve been wanting to buy these harem pants ever since I saw how cute they looked on Grace. Apparently I am a whooooooole lot taller than she is because harems that scrunch at the ankles = cute but harems that don’t even touch your ankles = story of my life. I was in speed-shop mode because my kids were with me but guess what I came out of the store with instead? A coral-colored striped baseball tee. It’s cute and comfy and soft and it has thin, horizontal stripes just like roughly 50% of my shirts do. And it’s coral, like roughly 30% of my clothes are. I like to think I’m all cute and bohemian but when it comes right down to it I think my style is more “comfy, stripey stuff.” Which is actually kind of annoying.
  6. I still have some pretty big questions that I need to work through.

    Take a look at my books to read board or my spiritual growth board and there are some big, big topics there. Homosexuality. Violence and pacifism. The atrocities of the Old Testament. I’ve been reading this book since before Naomi was born and I can’t recommend it highly enough. It has helped me immensely in sorting out some questions about God and in understanding some of His complexities. Having questions at first can be terrifying – it shakes you to your core. But the coolest part about the quest to answer them is realizing that God is not waiting at the end of your search – He is in the journey.
  7. I should maybe cut back on the boob-talk.

    We can just chalk that one up to the family I was raised in.

Now tell me: What can you learn about yourself by taking an objective look at your Pinterest?

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