7 Quick Takes

Joining Jen and alllll the other takers.

  1. Potty training. I should probably just stop right there, but I’m not gonna. Although everyone is well-meaning, I have felt semi-pressured to potty train Malachi from multiple sources and I just…. I just not ready. Well, this week he decided he was ready. He wanted to run around naked and sit on the potty alllllllll day. So the first day I let him and when I came back to check on him, lo and behold – there was a “parcel” in the receptacle. Hooray! The second day he was semi-successful once but still quite interested so we went out and bought underwear and he pranced around the house all day either nakey or looking way too much like a little boy.

    But I should have known something was up when he went upstairs alone and wouldn’t come when I called. Something was definitely up, but I’ll spare you. Today he would only sit on the potty while watching TV and then I realized that as soon as he actually had to go he would get up and go in places other than the potty. AND after the 73rd meltdown of the day when he was crying because I wouldn’t let him eat a cookie out of the trash, I slapped a diaper on that butt and gave myself an A for effort.
  2. Probably a good idea since we all have bronchitis. Potty training whilst coughing, blowing snot bubbles, and in general feeling unwell is not the best idea. Poor Naomi is a wreck. Malachi is getting better but it seems the incessant whining/crying/tantruming/screaming is the first symptom to arrive and the last to go. And don’t think I’m just talking about Malachi here. (Kidding! Sort of.)
  3. So my dreams of having a potty-trained baby by next weekend when we go camping are probably not going to come true. Weather and health-permitting we are all four going camping and I am ex. ci. ted! We’ll see how long the excitement lasts after the first 50-degree night all in a room together trying to keep the children away from the campfire but I am at least determined to enjoy the anticipation even if the actualization has us racing home to our oven, baby gates, sound machine, and diaper genie.

  4. Why do I always get writer’s block on number 4?
  5. When I was younger I had this obsession with Anne Geddes. I loved all manner of children dressed as bees or flowers or covered in vegetables or whatever. I’m not as into it now, but the other day I was making bierocks (so good!) and got a wee bit inspired:
    cabbage collageI realize that I am incredibly weird, but I really thought it was hilarious.
  6. So, have you seen this video? One of my friends who works in the school system said that all the kids are watching it and “At least they keep it weird.” I’m really not sure what this says about this generation. When I was growing up Youtube wasn’t the mega-sensation that it is now so I don’t really remember what kind of weird, obscure things we got into but I think I’m gonna go out on a limb and say we were never this bad. Right?

  7. So I had always heard how boys were easier as babies. I know girls are more difficult in general – the DRAMA. The hair. The makeup. The hormones. But holy crazy cow, is Naomi into EVERYTHING. Malachi never chewed stuff and was pretty content to play with his toys. Naomi’s favorite chew toy is any type of cord she can get her hands on and she will play with a baby toy for approximately 2 seconds before she has moved on to more exciting things like her brother’s favorite stuffed animal, her brother’s disgusting spit-soaked lovey, my shoes, the dog’s brushes, magazines, and any other number of things she shouldn’t play with. I didn’t really have to baby-proof with Malachi but I have a feeling Naomi is going to be the kid that breaks bones, jumps off ledges, and shoves marbles up her nose. I literally cannot keep up with her. She is already faster than me. Lord help us.

4 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes

  1. Found you through 7QT. Your baby is definitely Anne Geddes level cuteness, and I loved the animal dressed up babies but never quite appreciated the vegetable ones. I will be praying that your bronchitis passes quickly! God Bless

  2. You are too funny! And wow, potty training… and keeping up with Naomi and etc… Welcome to the fun world of babies. Isn’t it quite amazing how different 2 kids can be! Wishing I could participate in all the excitement. You guys get better!
    Love, Grandma

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