Not even the possibility of a chemical burn can dampen my mood

Just typed out two whole paragraphs, went back and fell asleep trying to re-read them, and then deleted them. You’re welcome.

Yesterday was awesome. Aside from the fact that Naomi quite literally pooped 8 times, all on my shift, and that during one of these times when I was about to change her I heard a bloodcurdling scream from the bathroom that turned out to be the reaction of my poor son who had just sprayed Daddy’s cologne into his eye. Yes I rinsed it, yes I panicked, yes I called the doctor to make sure I didn’t need to take him to the ER, check check check. He was fine five minutes later and I still feel like crap for leaving him unattended with his footstool but “lesson learned” and all that yada and also his hair smelled fantastic all day so there’s that.

Anywho, both kids slept straight through the night the night before and they both took spectacular naps – Malachi had zero night terrors and woke up happy for the first time in a week and Naomi actually took two full-length naps in one day so I guess she finally got around to reading Babywise and praise be. But it wasn’t the great sleeping or amount of alone-time that made me happy. Having the kids sleep in gave me time to start my day with the Lord, which makes absolutely the BIGGEST difference in my day of anything. The great naps gave me time to focus on my to-do list – and actually finish it. Guys, I crossed off every item! That alone makes me giddy not to mention the fact that stuff actually got done. And the finishing the to-do list made my stress level go down to the point of nonexistence. When Malachi got up we baked cookies and he dumped the flour and sugar into the bowl and kept saying “yum, chocolate!” when he licked the beaters before the chocolate was even in it. And Naomi and I played peek-a-book and patty-cake and fake-laugh. Dinner got started, finished, and eaten on time. Jeremy came home from work and I wasn’t frantically pretending I didn’t desperately need to just hand him a kid and go pee alone for the first time all day. I randomly organized something which always makes me happy. It was just a good day.

At the end of the day I realized that this was the kind of day I envisioned when I thought about being a stay-at-home-mom. Not that I expected perfection or perfect sleepers or whatever, but just the ability to approach my day and its tasks and joys and scares and opportunities with peace. And even when Naomi woke up crying with inexplicable gas at 10 and I had to hold her writhing self for 45 minutes, it was ok. I was ok.

Also, this happened:



I’m not sure what it would look like for me to be able to have this kind of day every day. Not the sleeping and cookie-baking per se, although that would sure be nice. But just the lack of stress. Feeling productive. Having the home be peaceful when Jeremy gets home. I’m trying to identify a few of the things that made this happen:

  • I stayed on top of my chores. For a while I’ve tried to do a chore a day and I schedule it out, but for some reason I just never keep up with it. This week I kept up with it. Not only was it surprisingly easy to do, but it made me feel so much better about myself and my home when I did.
  • I did my devotions first thing. Always a goal, not always accomplished. But so long as I don’t have a child asleep in my bed and I’m not sick I don’t really have an excuse.
  • I didn’t allow myself to sit down at the computer until my list was done. Um, yeah. It’s kind of embarrassing how big of a difference this made. Not that I waste hours and hours online every day, but sitting down “just for a minute” interrupts my focus and my momentum and I practically have to start over whenever I get up.
  • The kids slept really, really well. Here’s hoping.
  • The kids behaved really, really well. Here’s praying.

Today Jeremy is home because it’s Saturday and of course Malachi is ecstatic about that. We’ve run errands and wrestled and cuddled and it’s been fantastic and I’m just really, really hoping this continues but even if tomorrow brings screaming, sleepless nights and endless time-outs and more scum than I can scrub, at least it’s been nice to have a little bit of a break.

4 thoughts on “Not even the possibility of a chemical burn can dampen my mood

  1. It is great when God sometimes gives us those nice “breathers,” giving us extra energy for those “heavier” days when so many things happen at once. The cute “kid” in the boots makes it all worth while doesn’t it??!!

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    • I basically made a list of all of my weekly responsibilities, chores and otherwise (such as grocery shopping, clipping coupons, doing the budget, etc.). Then I grouped them into “things that are quick and feel simple” and “things that take longer and/or feel stressful.” Then I tried to distribute them as evenly as possible over M-F. I also took into account which things made the most visible difference in the cleanliness of my home and tried to have those done on the day that we host small group at our house. On Fridays I choose either a monthly task or an every-other-week task. I also got realistic. I should clean the bathroom every week, but I likely won’t. So it basically looks like this:

      Monday – wash laundry, sweep and mop the hardwood floors, clip coupons, do my meal plan, and make my grocery list.
      Tuesday – grocery shop, fold laundry
      Wednesday – clean kitchen floors, spend some time working on my business, vacuum
      Thursday – do laundry, clean bathrooms OR do a monthly-ish task (bathroom floors, clean appliances, or clean doorknobs and windows), work on my business, put away items that are sitting on the stairs and put away the shoes that are by the entryway, do our budget
      Friday – change all sheets, dust, fold laundry

      I rarely get everything done, but it’s still helpful to have a plan. It also reduces stress. Instead of feeling discouraged because I only got a couple things done, I can remember, “That’s ok – that is Thursday’s task” or whatever. This is also all incorporated into a loose routine that I have written out for our days, which is important now that my kids are older. 4 out of the 5 days the mornings are free for quality time with the kids, and I use the afternoons for the chores and stuff.

      Maybe I should do a blog post on this.

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