New Year’s Resowhatevers

I lied. I very solemnly committed to post more often – I believe my exact words were, “Imma blog it up now!” – and here we are, two weeks later. I know you didn’t miss me but I’ll pretend you did and we can just move on, ‘kay?

I really wanted to do a 7QT post because it’s been forever and they are GREAT for slackers like me but apparently I don’t even have the brain power for that kind of cop out tonight, so you are in for a TREAT.

Let’s talk New Year’s Resolutions. Your favorite.

A couple years ago I was reading a Parents magazine and there was a suggestion that in order to make resolutions easier for your kids, you should encourage them to choose one goal for each month of the year. Just replace “kids” with “every human on the face of the earth” and it applies to you.  I started doing that and I really enjoyed it. I took it more as a “change habits gradually” type-thing and often would build from one month to the next in stead of just abandoning one thing and moving on.  Usually around July things start to fall apart, so I need to rethink it this year. Last year my resolutions became too much of a to-do list and then I felt the need to catch up when I got behind and the whole thing just sort of became a mess.

Anyways, I’m still thinking through what I want to put on my list, but I’m wondering – what changes are you looking to make this year?

I expect all three of you to answer.


Dry Cereal and Alcohol and Quality Television and Run-On Sentences and Run-On Blog Titles

You know you’ve had a long day when you are eating dry Cheerios and drinking champagne before the kids are even in bed. Malachi also has a habit of taking a sip of any drink he sees sitting around, no matter whose it is or how old it is or how long its been sitting in the hot car or whether or not it’s fermented.

“Nummy Mommy soda!”
“All done, Malachi! No more Mommy soda! That’s yucky!”
“No, nummy Mommy soda! More Mommy soda!”
“How about a lollipop?”
“Yay, yahyeepop yay! Hahahahaha ta-da!”

The younger me that swore she’d never bribe her children or sit on the couch and watch TV while they clambered over her feet begging for attention “just” because she was tired (so selfish) would maybe be horrified but hopefully she’d just be amused and assume it was a rare occurrence. Which really, it is, kind of, mostly.

My two-year-old’s new favorite game is called “Smack the baby on the head over and over until Mommy reaches me and throws me in timeout” followed closely by “Push her over onto the floor and laugh.” And said baby is cutting four teeth.


Here’s your violin, please play me a song, because no other mother has ever had it as rough as me.

But it is the Christmas season and my house is all decorated, and every time I pulled a new decoration out of the box Malachi would gasp and whisper “Wow!” in the most perfect wonder-filled kid-voice ever. He likes to spit on my Christmas carousel because it’s the only way he knows how to blow and he wants to get it to spin “me-self!” with out any help from me. And every time he passes one (and I have a LOT), he announces “Nutcwackah!” Naomi is teething and stuffy which = finally letting me rock her to sleep again and actually cuddling with me for more than .5 seconds at a time and I love it soooooo much.

And even though I’m sitting here eating dry Chex (YOLO!) and watching Dirty Dancing for the thirty-somethingth time (I really wish that was an exaggeration) and then subsequently being appalled at the trashy commercials on VH1 (shocker) because apparently I have higher expectations of a channel that would air Dirty Dancing on a regular basis and I don’t know how I was planning on finishing that sentence, but it’s gone on long enough, don’t you think? Anyways, life is good. Good enough that I’ve been living it the past couple weeks instead of blogging about it

But Imma blog it up now. Buckle your seat belts for an overload of drama because if anyone can create enough drama to dedicate an entire online diary to, it’s a stay-at-home-mom. And no, I won’t stop blogging about my kids ever ever because, you know…

Nobody puts baby in a corner.