New Year’s Resowhatevers

I lied. I very solemnly committed to post more often – I believe my exact words were, “Imma blog it up now!” – and here we are, two weeks later. I know you didn’t miss me but I’ll pretend you did and we can just move on, ‘kay?

I really wanted to do a 7QT post because it’s been forever and they are GREAT for slackers like me but apparently I don’t even have the brain power for that kind of cop out tonight, so you are in for a TREAT.

Let’s talk New Year’s Resolutions. Your favorite.

A couple years ago I was reading a Parents magazine and there was a suggestion that in order to make resolutions easier for your kids, you should encourage them to choose one goal for each month of the year. Just replace “kids” with “every human on the face of the earth” and it applies to you.  I started doing that and I really enjoyed it. I took it more as a “change habits gradually” type-thing and often would build from one month to the next in stead of just abandoning one thing and moving on.  Usually around July things start to fall apart, so I need to rethink it this year. Last year my resolutions became too much of a to-do list and then I felt the need to catch up when I got behind and the whole thing just sort of became a mess.

Anyways, I’m still thinking through what I want to put on my list, but I’m wondering – what changes are you looking to make this year?

I expect all three of you to answer.

5 thoughts on “New Year’s Resowhatevers

  1. Actually starting a blog has been something I’ve wanted to do for a while. I have more that I want to write than is really viable to write on a Facebook status, and I’ve almost given up on Twitter because I can barely contain a sneeze in 140 characters. I’ve had a blog on Xanga in the past, but I tapered off and eventually stopped blogging there. So in 2014, one goal is to create a blog and post at least once a week.

  2. I want to 1. Simplify my house and my life. Sounds bigger than it is. I want to thin what I
    own (I’ve already started this.) and seriously consider downsizing so that
    managing what I own doesn’t take so much time.
    2. Be more intentional about the important relationships in my life. Make time to
    spend regularly with those I love and/or need the most. I’m doing better than I
    once was. I meet with a couple of accountability partners at least monthly.
    3. Have more fun with my husband. I’m hoping we can plan our dates and times
    together in advance, do things just because they are fun without worrying
    about what isn’t getting done at home, and re-institute our quarterly long
    weekends away.
    I tried your idea with monthly goals and I over stated what I could do and found myself discouraged by about April.

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