7 Quick Takes

Linking with the fabulous Jen for the first time in a looooooonnnggg time….

  1. Have you seen this article about making the bed?  As we all know, I’m not so good about it but it really does make me feel so much better when I do. Malachi likes to hand me the pillows to help so I really don’t have an excuse anymore. Malachi’s bed is a mess of huge blankets and too small blankets and too many loveys and stuffed animals and most of the time we just sort of throw him in and do our best to toss a blanket on top, but yesterday I was getting the kids’ room cleaned up and I decided to make his bed. I tucked the blankets in the bottom and stacked the pillows up nice. When he came in the room, he looked at the bed, gasped, and said “Oh! Comfy!” and immediately laid down on it. Iit was amusing and I felt a little guilty but mostly I feel like I just won in the “making the bed does/doesn’t matter debate” that Jeremy and I engage in occasionally.
  2. During the Christmas season Jeremy and I watched the live Carrie Underwood Sound of Awful and then to cleanse our minds we later watched the real deal. I am constantly astonished at the things Jeremy wasn’t ever exposed to as a kid (like Peter Pan) and the Sound of Music is one of them. It made a real cultural impression on him:
    J: Isn’t she a nun, though?
    A: Yeah, she’s a postulate.
    J: Then why isn’t she wearing a sari?
    A: …J: Is that girl’s name Fajita?
    A: (dying laughing)
    J: Well, what is it?
    A: Brigitta!
    J: Is she wearing drapes again?
    When Captain Von Trapp realizes he is in love with Maria…
    J: He only wants her for her sari.
  3. This article was really good. It made me reconsider how many things I put on Facebook and instagram every day and why.
  4. Yesterday I sat down to eat a blessedly uninterrupted lunch at the appropriate hour of 2 in the afternoon while the kids were asleep.  I started flipping channels and landed on Twilight: New Moon and immediately stayed there to watch it, even though it’s horrible.  Like…horrible.  But I love it and I loved the books.  As I was watching I realized that this channel was specifically airing it at the time that stay-at-home-moms watch TV.  So basically I was watching today’s version of a soap opera. While eating a mature lunch of Oreos with peanut butter and goldfish crackers.  Yes, I’m 12.  And pathetic.

  5. I’m pretty proud of myself because I made this. It was my first time ever making a hat and it somehow grew its own inexplicable brim but hey – it’s cute. I might start trying to make and sell them. Do you think there’d be a market for them?
    nani hat.
  6. Conversations with Malachi:
    Every day until recently…
    Me: What do you want for breakfast?
    Him: Kiwi appo ceweal lunch

    Every day now….
    Me: What do you want for breakfast?
    Him: Appo and owange and kiwi and bapes and backbewwies and boobewwies and cheerios and Daddy ceweal and cheese aaaand meat. And vi-a-mins and po-botics.
    Me: Ok. Do you want banana or orange or apple today?
    Him: Anna owange appo both!

    Every time he sees a bug anywhere…
    Him: Uh-oh Mommy!  Ant!  Buzzzzz!  I don’t wike it ant.  Ant go swimmin potty.
    Me: Ok, let’s put the ant in the potty so he can go swimming.
    Him: Bye bye ant! Ha fun swimmin!  Mal-chi go swimmin tooooo?
    Me: Not in the potty.

  7. I’m so tired today I fell asleep once while Malachi was going potty and again during the kids’ naps and I’m about to fall asleep again now so to save you from any further boring as anything incoherence, I present, for your viewing pleasure, this.

4 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes

  1. I love hearing the conversations with Malachi! Hehe! I started reading this just as Tim was starting to sleep here in his recliner, so I caught myself holding my mouth, only whisper laughing, trying not to laugh aloud even though it was really hard! I really wanted to bust out laughing! Kids this age are so adorable in what they say. They sure make ones day! And you, you are too funny! and it’s OK to be “12.” Seems like when working with kids so much, a mature adult can’t help but get “tainted” with ” immaturity” at times! “I don’t wanna grow up, I’m a Toys-R-Us kid!!”

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