Whose back of the head am I staring at?


This is the second or seventieth time I’ve re-done my about page so let me just cut to the chase and tell you what you need to know:

    • The selfie-taker is yours truly.
    • The itty bitty is Naomi.
    • The lip-biter is Jeremy.
    • The kid standing on the seat of the plane at 5:00 in the morning watching a show and not sleeping is Malachi.
    • They are all mine.
    • This is NOT a mom-blog.**
    • I think I’m hilarious.  I’m also conceited enough to think that you will agree, so I have an entire category called “funny.”  Pathetic, I realize – pretend it’s funny and we’ll get along great.
    • I love Jesus and I will talk about Him.
    • There is no theme here other than “stuff that rolls around in my head.” This ranges from the quite serious to the not very serious at all.

IMG_6078**This is probably actually a mom blog, but leave me alone.

3 thoughts on “Whose back of the head am I staring at?

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